About Equinox Group from CEO

Every human being has an inherent dream to be a owner of a house or at least a plot of land. But in such a hard days the dream usually cannot be fulfilled by the persons belonging to middle class & low income group due to high land/flat price. Equinox being a real estate company tries to fulfill the dreams of them. The company is acquiring land at marginal prices & is developing the same for future housing projects in different parts of India. It will adopt modern township plan where persons of middle & low income group can afford & may book a plot/flat easily. The person whose monthly income is low can join in the plot/flat owning venture by long term payment option contributing monthly subscription in resource development plan. Another plan is provided by the company where a customer if possesses an amount not sufficient to purchase a plot, he/she may contribute the small amount to the company once in Future Dream Plan with a view to own the plot/flat after some deferred period. The property will be handed over to the customer at the stipulated market price prevailing at that time after payment of the balance amount. The cost of registry & incidental expenses are naturally to be shouldered by the customer.

Moreover the Group of companies is emerging to various economically viable projects such as sale of land by plotting, cold storage, organic manure production, goat farming, fishery, hotel & resorts, hatchery etc. for safeguarding the interest of the plot booking holders. Whole hearted efforts and scientific steps with proper planning taken by our beloved Managing Director "Mr. Prasanta Chakraborty" spontaneously boosts us & we believe that touching the sky limit of the real estate venture is possible within short time. His dedication to the development of the Group of Companies inspires us always to deliver the best performance.

At the end I appreciate all associates, patrons. share holders for their contribution & faith upon us. Lastly the good deals of confidence upon you all will necessarily catch the success in near future.

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